Snow crushes Tennessee traffic: hail the Southern Commuteageddon

The snowstorm that gave us only flurries produced a more measurable effect in Nashville, where drivers blind-sided by 4 inches of snow caused more than 100 accidents in the first few hours of snow. The police simply gave up responding to fender benders to focus on accidents with injuries. Traffic was crawling at a mile an hour.

This seems to be the Commuteageddon of Tennessee. Here's what people were tweeting about while stuck in traffic:

foochuck: @StudioC3Tweets these deyam drivers turned my 25 min commute into 6 hours

tnchic: How many people popped a squat outside? I want to know. #snowczar

slhannah1024: Stuck in traffic for 4 hours today..need full body massage

@WillyPete19: in prep for blizzard, knoxville evacuating to sunsphere. women, children, #dooleyshair are first priority. #snowczar

KRSYTS3: RT @funkyshooters: Skipped dealing with the TN crazies. Got a hotel instead of taking the 47 mile trek home. #snowczar

@ClayTravisBGID: Ouch RT @brokeninja: Sitting in dark cause car hit utility pole. My 2 year old keeps blowing out candles. I think he expects cake

thebradwilson: Just walked in the door. Usually a 20 min drive from work but today was only 6 AND A HALF HOURS! Life doesn't get better than this! #KillMe

@ClayTravisBGID i sent a text to an employee to see if he was coming in, his answer "hell no". thanks

lindsay_curtis: @sayrah well it took 3 hours to go 5 miles so after that we stopped and tried to wait it out. Bad idea.

JosephHabedank: I experienced one of the WORST winter storms of my lifetime today (& I'm from OHIO). Took me over 2 hours to get 15 miles. Got stuck 3 times

manicbloom: Took me 4.5 hours to get home from my 30 minute commute... Ah #snow in #Nashville...

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