One of the biggest 24 hour periods of severe weather in 10 years

UPDATE 12:27 P.M.: April 4 to April 5 (8 a.m. to 7:59 a.m.) ended up having the most storm reports in a 24-hour period{ }in the U.S.{ }The new numbers, which are all preliminary, are 1,142{ }total reports yesterday through this morning, including 20 tornadoes, 893 damaging wind gusts and 229 hail reports.

Keep in mind this DOES NOT mean that it was the worst severe weather outbreak in 10 years, as there were far worse tornado outbreaks and even other severe weather outbreaks that didn't have nearly as many reports.

Overall, I believe this speaks wonders to what the National Weather Service and NOAA are trying to accomplish. They have really done a great job of connecting with the public and making it easier for people to relay storm reports via social media as well as other sources. I am definitely citing them as a big reason there were so many reports.

ORIGINAL: A strong line of storms passed through the region early this morning, bringing heavy rain, damaging winds and even causing tornado warnings to be issued. No tornadoes have been reported with the line and reports of wind damage are still coming in. Please send any pictures of damage to and we will show them on the air tonight!

This was a very strong cold front, with temperatures in the mid and upper 80s yesterday and back into the 50s today. Yesterday was the warmest day since October 11th when it hit 88 degrees. That’s nearly 6 months! Over the past 24 hours, there have been{ }almost 800{ }reports of damaging winds, 20 reports of tornadoes and 80 reports of hail. This has been one of the busiest 24 hour periods of severe weather in the past 10 years. In fact, looking back through the annual summaries from the Storm Prediction Center, the 24 hour period from 8am on the 4th through 8am this morning has seen the 4th most storm reports in the past 10 years!

2006 - 1012 reports on April 2nd

2004 - 990 reports on May 30

2006 - 989 reports on April 7

2011 - 897 (so far) reports on April 4 - 6:49am

Showers will be likely through the remainder of the morning hours today before some clearing occurs later this afternoon. Highs will be around 30 degrees cooler only topping out in the mid to upper 50s. The next chance for rain will be in the form of a few sprinkles tomorrow afternoon, then a better chance by Friday.