N.C. tornado: Man says 'I love you' as twister nears (VIDEO)

With more than 200 tornadoes and at least 45 fatalities in the South since Wednesday, you can bet there'd be horrific footage of storm damage and whatnot posted all over the place. The video above is a little different. It shows a man talking to a loved one on the phone while he rides out a tornado Saturday in Wilson, N.C.

That is one ice-cold response – perhaps he's been in combat? Or perhaps he didn't fathom how quickly the situation could turn against him. The conversation devolves from "I mean it's picking up leaves, I see stuff in it but it's just twisting" to "I love you," which certainly sound like last words to me. On a tangent, I really want to know what that Post-it note that blew against his window toward the end says.

According to the Wilson Times, this particular twister was one of an unknown number that destroyed 25 houses around the city:

Twisted metal stood in piles where buildings once stood, gaping holes in brick walls were opened up exposing wires, pipes and the interior of businesses. A tractor-trailer laid on its side in the parking lot of Walgreens. Passenger cars were tossed and piled up like toy Matchbox cars. Power lines littered the ground. Power poles were snapped at their bases.

The storm proved the deadliest in two decades in North Carolina, where at least 23 deaths have been reported. Today in Raleigh, where a major wedge-shaped twister touched down Saturday and crushed brick buildings, many government offices and schools are closed. Here's a time lapse video of that tornado coming into downtown:

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Credit: WRAL

And this graphic from the National Weather Service really drives home how widespread and powerful the latest storm system was. It shows all the thunderstorm, tornado, flash flood and special marine warnings issued during the storm: