Lighthouse covered in ice near Great Lakes (Video)

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This awe-inspiring video depicts either a giant melting wedding cake or a lighthouse in the grips of severe winter weather.

Britain's ITN news reports that it's the latter, commenting dryly: "It's so cold in Ohio that a lighthouse has become an icehouse."

Specifically, this is the Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse on the shore of Lake Erie. The temperature has been so cold lately that when the winds drive waves against the lighthouse, the water sticks to it. The layers of ice have blanketed the structure throughout the week, leaving us wondering if some poor lighthouse keeper is huddled up inside next to a dying space heater.

Phew{ }– turns out it's automated.

In other news on why I'm glad I don't live near the Great Lakes, hundreds were stranded in their cars for 20 hours near Sarnia, Ontario (about an hour from Detroit), after a winter storm descended Sunday with the wrath of god. Snowmobiles and Canadian military helicopters had to be called in to rescue them. Sadly, one man didn't make it: "[H]e was able to make a telephone call home to his parents and indicated that he was going to walk the rest of the way to work, which wasn't a very long distance," said the police.