Japanese tsunami boat: Coast guard hits huge waves (VIDEO)

For today’s edition of Man v. Weather we travel to the Japanese sea on the day the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck. A boat crewed by Japan's coast guard heads straight into three huge, unexpected waves created by the underseas tectonic event. No barf bag would be big enough if I was on that boat. These immense waves, while not as big as the (CGI) rogue wave in The Perfect Storm, are enough to give anybody with a slight water phobia reason to stay away from boats for years to come.

The sailors handled the tsunami waves in the right way, coming away unscathed. It must've been terrifying to see these walls of water grow out of the ocean and bum-rush the ship. A cruise ship sailing in the Mediterranean Sea last March wasn't so lucky when it was hit by three suspected rogue waves; two people died. If you want to know what the inside of a cruise ship looks during periods of heavy waves, follow the jump for an instructional video.