Hurricane season wraps up: We got lucky

Here's an image of all the hurricanes currently heading our way. Just kidding. The amazing photo you behold, courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is a composite of all the hurricanes in 2010 (Click here for a high quality version.) Don't remember them passing through? That's because America was like Keanu in The Matrix this year, dodging a maelstrom of meteorological bullets like it was easy. Don't expect it to happen often, though.

We were spared the wrath of the hurricane season, which ended on Monday, only because the winds just happened to align in our favor. The jet stream made the eastern coast of the U.S. warm and dry, which effectively blocked several hurricanes. And because many of the storms formed in the far-east Atlantic, their curves brought them back out over the ocean without touching down on land.

Here's ABC 7 meteorologist Chris Naille's final word on the 2010 hurricane season:

“I would say that most folks in our region would be under the assumption that the hurricane season wasn’t that active, even though we had 19 named storms. In fact, only one, Hurricane Earl, came within a few hundred miles of the mid-Atlantic coastline. People in our neck of the woods tend not to care about what is going on in the tropics unless it’s something will impact our region. The exception to that rule is if they happen to have loved ones along the Gulf and East Coast. Then they are a bit more in tune. Either way, this hurricane season will go down in the books as very active and luckily not one of those 19 named storms made a direct hit along the East Coast.”