More flooding in D.C. possible; Georgetown dries out

Yesterday the muddy Potomac was so chock-full of logs that one could imagine a Frogger hopping its way across on the floating debris. Behind yellow caution tape at Georgetown's Washington Harbour, work crews used thick hoses to pump standing water out of the flooded development.

Later this morning, the Potomac may rise again, possibly flooding homes and businesses across the D.C.-area. Tuesday’s high tides are expected to occur between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Check out ABC7’s morning report on the status of the flooding along the Georgetown Waterfront:

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High tide pushed the river levels up to about 10 feet last night, the expected crest of the recent storm's flood waters in Georgetown and Alexandria. Nevertheless, a coastal flood warning stands until noon today, with river water creeping on Independence Avenue at 17th Street beside the Tidal Basin and on George Washington Parkway north of Reagan National. We all like to mock those touristy D.C. Ducks vehicles – but as amphibious vehicles rule the lowlands Tuesday, who's laughing now?

This moisture-dripping spring weather will continue feeding hungry Mid-Atlantic tributaries this week. A wave in the atmosphere will give areas mainly north and west of D.C. a chance for showers and thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon, although it should still be relatively balmy. Then a low-pressure system squatting over the Midwest starts to move into lower Canada, leaving the chance for rain showers at night near the Mason-Dixon Line.

The border-hopping storm will throw a cold front D.C.'s way Wednesday with a wind-ruffled hump of lighter warm air in front of it. Temperatures Wednesday could top 80 degrees across the region. The hot air will sow instability throughout the atmosphere and create another chance for thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoon. The probabilities that they'll be severe with lawn furniture-hurling gusts were diminishing on Monday night – but give your eyeballs frequent exposure to ABC7's forecasts for the latest weather intel.