Dead alien in Russia hoax footage goes viral (VIDEO)

Pretty sure that alien-encounter videos are supposed to be creepy, not make you laugh. But this video showing a couple of Russians finding a teeny-weeny alien corpse in the snow is downright amusing – even the Russians seem to be chortling.

Here's the back story, according to Michael Cohen of All News Web (“The World's Only Inter-Galactic Daily News Service”). A couple weeks ago, villagers in Irkutsk, Siberia, were amazed to see a freaky object glowing blue and pink hurtle from the sky and crash into the woods. Government and military officials visited the impact site and hushed things up. A little later, a pair of merry Russians touring the countryside in nearby Republic of Buryatia stumble upon the thing you see in the video above, continuing a grand tradition of Russia-alien friendship.

The problem with this “alien” is that it looks like someone left it in the dryer for way too long. It's microscopic. The craft it supposedly took interstellar cruises in must have been the size of a Radio Flyer wagon. In fact, All News Web seems obsessed with itsy-bitsy alien sightings. Check out this video of a toadstool-sized E.T. toddling along like Alfred Hitchcock in the background, or this floating alien pyramid that any tow-headed troublemaker could shoot down with a BB gun. Nevertheless, the proportion issue hasn't stopped this dead alien video from getting more than 5 million YouTube views. The truth is out there... we're just looking too high.