Crazy 'fish storm' of silver carp on the Wabash River (VIDEO)

With the sport-fishing season now open on the Potomac, many folks no doubt will be creeping away from family engagements on our very warm-looking Easter Sunday to drink some beer on the river, and perhaps even fish. (See what’s in season in this comprehensive PDF.)

In celebration of the hunt, please enjoy this wild video of leaping silver carp on Indiana’s Wabash River. The fish, one of the invasive “Asian carp” species multiplying in U.S. waters, take to the air when disturbed by boat motors. They can jump 10 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally. The air gets so thick with flying fishmeat that people simply stick out nets to catch them on the downfall or, more sportingly, shoot them with arrows like scaly skeet disks. For anybody wondering about the safety implications of this violent fish storm – yes, these living missiles are sending people to E.R.s around the country. Here’s an impressive photo of a woman getting fishsmacked so hard it reportedly broke her jaw.

As the Columbia Missourian story notes, “The majority of carp injuries are in the facial area.” So perhaps the gentlemen in this video should be wearing helmets.