Snow accumulation map in Virginia: Highland tops 4.5 inches (MAP)

The snowstorm that darted over D.C. yesterday sure put the scare in some people.

The Redskins ran off the field during practice and were later spotted in a nearby gym. School districts announced closings for Friday in many Virginia counties.

All because of a moderate snowfall. Spotters for the National Weather Service recorded a paltry 0.6 inches of total snowfall in D.C. Other totals ranged from 0.3 inches in Rockville to 4.5 inches in Culpeper.

One place we didn't hear a peep from in the news-o-sphere is Highland County. At 2:19 p.m., when the snowfall had ceased there, one Highland weather spotter stepped outside, jammed a ruler into the snow and reported 4.6 inches of accumulation in the unincorporated community of Mustoe.

That was the most snow on the ground in Virginia, according to the National Weather Service's data on Thursday night.

So what is there to say about Mustoe, a speck of lint on the map that nevertheless has its own Facebook page? Other than that its sounds like a skunky foot disease contracted by winemakers?

Well, it's nestled high in the mountains near Monongahela National Forest. Googlemaps shows a church and either a parking lot or an automotive junkyard. And let me tell you, any more information is so hard to dig up it's like this snow magnet doesn't want to be found.

Here's what I got:

1) Local rag The Recorder, established in 1877, has pretty entertaining headlines. I'm talking about “Penalty for an illegal chew too much to stomach, principal says” and “Man goes from hot tub to jail.”

2) According to Nexis, U.S. Marines sergeant Aubrey "Denny" Griffin was born in Mustoe in 1938 and Shelby Quirino, an avid drag racer who enjoyed racing at Eastside Speedway, died there in 2010.

3) The Highland County Farm Bureau is NOT staffed by friendly people. “Nobody here wants to talk to a news man right now,” said a woman, hanging up.

4) Nearby businesses Accurate Foreign Car Parts Inc., Positive Kinetics LLC and Wool Becomes Ewe need to pick up their phones more often.

I finally had some success calling a paint and decorating store in Monterey, about 7 miles up the road from Mustoe. The mayor of Monterey herself got on the horn.

Mayor Janice Warner said it looked like 4 inches of snow was on the ground. But she was quick to add that people in her community don't view that as a big deal.

“This is not anything of significance to us. We're used to it,” says Warner. “We just wait for the next one.”

The area had been suffering through a cruel cold snap. Daytime highs since Monday topped out at 10 degrees, says Warner. Snow had already fallen all around Mustoe, but Thursday's storm finally hit the bulls-eye.

But road crews were waiting by midnight and routed all the falling snow before the roads could get bad. So you probably won't read about this snowstorm in The Daily Recorder.

“We're prepared for it here, where you're not,” Warner says.