100% sunshine

This Afternoon: Sunny and Delightful

Temperatures: 65-70 | Wind: NW 10 mph

Saturday: Sunny and Warmer, some high clouds

Highs: Near 75 | Wind: SW 10-15

Sunday: Sunny and Quite Warm

Highs: Near 85 | Wind: SW 10-15

Not a cloud in the sky today.{ } As we head into the weekend the high pressure that brought some of the chilly air earlier in the week is moving off and winds turn into the southwest with warm air flowing in for the weekend.{ } Boy do we need rain but any storminess will stay well to our north and west and then weather fronts weaken next week as they approach so no general rain in sight.{ } About all we will see is some cloudiness as the warm air comes in tomorrow and continues into early next week.{ } Great weather for the Cherry Blossom Parade though.