Claremont residents in Catch-22 between Dominion, Arlington County

An Arlington County family is living out of their suitcase for five days--and counting--as they wait for power.

They're among the dozens of homeowners in the Claremont area stir crazy in hotels.

The soaring temperatures are making it impossible for them to survive without electricity.

Dominion Power says they can't get their power back until the county clears away a massive fallen tree.

The county is telling residents they can't clear the debris until Dominion assures them the lines aren't live.

And according to them neither of those two things seem to be happening.

They blame a bad case of miscommunication.

The county today placed a note on people's cars and posted on polls.

It reads, in part, "There is no doubt that this has been a difficult and trying time for you. Since Friday night we have been checking on these sites routinely to see if there has been any progress by the utility companies that may allow us to being to restore your area."

And we received this response from Charles Penn of Dominion:

I've looked in detail at the scenario you brought to my attention relative to our customers on South Dinwiddie Street in Arlington, and determined that there is no dispute between county officials and Dominion. Nor has there been.

The county was correct in stating that they could not have the tree removed until Dominion removed our power lines from being intertwined in the tree. That's considered an unsafe condition.

We have deployed personnel to the site to cut away our lines and cut and move the tree debris to the side until the county comes to remove the debris, which is standard operating procedure.

Dominion has an excellent working relationship with Arlington County. In fact, just this morning at our EOC meeting with the county, county officials called for applause for Dominion crews as a token of appreciation for the work we've done.

And even better news for our customers in the area, Dominion crews will begin restoration of that location beginning this evening, with an eye toward restoring power to those customers tomorrow.

Please convey to our customers, should you speak with them, that we sincerely appreciate their patience. What they're experienced with the tree and downed power lines is typical of what our crews have been facing in multiple locations throughout the entire region.