Christmas Travel: Friday Weather Headaches

      "Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go".{}{}Well, you may want to pack your patience if grandma (or{}your loved ones) lives in the{}Upper Midwest, Ohio Valley, or New England where winter weather, whipping wind, and blizzard conditions could slow you down.{}

      Friday will be a big travel day for many, since it's right before the weekend and the Christmas holiday Monday and Tuesday.{} Just in time for tons of travelers, a big storm system is brewing in the mid section of the country.{} See how many weather warnings are posted across the country late Wednesday.{} The red indicates blizzard warnings, the pink, winter storm warnings and the blue, winter weather watches.

      National Weather Service

      A big dip in the jet stream will allow the cold air that's been trapped in Canada, for much of this winter, to slide South.{} Couple the cold air with a strengthening area of low pressure with a good bit of moisture and you get a winter weather travel{}headache.{} The snow and blizzard conditions East of the Rockies and through the Central Plains will end by Friday,{}but the storm will then move into the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and New England by Thursday and Friday causing a slow go for many.{}

      Temperatures will plummet across much of the country after this weather system moves East.{} Highs{}will only be in the teens and 20s in the upper Midwest and highs in the{}30s and 40s, here, in the{}Mid Atlantic.{} Beautiful weather in the South with sunshine and{}highs in{}the 50s and 60s.{} Keep all of this in mind for packing purposes!

      Here's hoping it's a smooth travel day for you and your loved ones.{} Happy holidays!