Chin up, it's bound to get warmer this month

I have heard a number of complaints about this winter being too cold, having too much snow and questions about when it will end. My answer, not soon enough. I'm tired of it too, so I decided to make myself happy and look at some of the seasonal data over the past 5 March months dating from 2009 to 2013.

Graphic from the NWS Baltimore Washington Office

After experiencing record cold temperatures last night, that doesn't necessarily mean this will continue to be a cold month, or even a colder than average month. Remember, the average high at the beginning of March is in the 50s and by the end it's in the low 60s, so while the region was over 20 degrees off the pace on Tuesday, it's going to feel amazing once it gets back to the seasonal average this weekend.

Number of days at 60°F or higher in March from 2009-2013

Take a look at the past 5 years. I put this graphic together to show you the number of days that recorded temperatures at 60°F or higher at Reagan National Airport. 2011 recorded 7 days at 60°F or higher, with the highest temperature recorded for the month at 80°F. After the past 48 hours, I could deal with that.

Even 2009, which started eerily similar to this March with 5.5" of snow and temperatures in the teens recorded 8 days with highs at 60°F or better. Four of those days were 70°F or higher! March 2009 was colder than normal for the month, but throw in a few 60 and 70 degree days and I think we can deal with that.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't look to March 2012 as the baseline. With 23 days at or above 60°F, 13 days at or above 70°F and 4 days at or above 80°F, the month wound up 10 degrees above average, and was the warmest March on record. Oddly enough, March 2012 was so warm it tied the average April monthly temperature!

Even if it doesn't warm up considerably in the next week or two (which it isn't forecast to), you still have a few things to look forward to. First off, we Spring Forward this Sunday, so the sun will be setting after 7pm. So long sun glare on our commutes home!

Cherry Blossoms April 10th of 2013

Then of course, Spring begins on March 20th. Finally, Cherry Blossoms are right around the corner! The forecast for the peak bloom is on the 4th of April, so you can add that to your countdown list.