Cloudy and cool with a chance of a few raindrops

Today: Cloudy, breezy and chilly. Sprinkle/shower possible. A few flakes well N and W of Washington

Highs: 51°-57° | Wind: NW 10-20+ mph

Overnight: Clear & Cold

Lows: 32°-39° | Wind: NW 10-15 mph

Tomorrow: Partly sunny and breezy

Highs: Near 60° | Wind: N 10-15 mph

Today will be the cloudiest and coolest day of the week. And though we really need a soaking rain, the most we'll see will be a couple showers or sprinkles. And if you feel snow-cheated this year, head to Western MD, PA and Eastern WV. There has been some light snow there and could be more through the morning...especially at higher elevations. Skies will clear tonight and temperatures will drop into the 30s by morning. The much advertised warming trend will begin tomorrow as high pressure will start to build across the region. It will be breezy tomorrow but there will be more sunshine and temperatures will aproach 60 degrees during the afternoon.

Sunshine is forecast for Friday with temperatures climbing into the middle 60s. Partly cloudy and warmer weather will make this a great outdoor weekend. Highs will reach the lower 70s on Saturday and soar close to 80 degrees on Sunday.