The warming trend has begun

Today: Becoming partly cloudy and milder

Highs: 42°-46° | Wind: West 6-12

Tomorrow: Partly to mostly sunny and warmer

Highs: 52°-56° | Wind: South 5

Saturday: Partly to mostly sunny and pleasant

Highs: 52°- 56°{ }{ }{ }| Wind: W 5-10

That big, blue "H" on the weather maps represents an area of high pressure that will be building back into the area today. Skies will partially clear during the day and it will become partly cloudy and it will become noticeably warmer than yesterday. We are forecasting highs in the middle 40s. More sunshine than cloudiness is expected tomorrow and Saturday with highs reaching the middle 50s in many areas. Late Saturday, a cold front arrive but have very little effect on local conditions. Sunday will be partly cloudy and a bit breezy and cooler with high temperatures reaching the upper 40s. Computer models are suggesting a fairly significant storm system{ }will be in the mid-Atlantic by Wednesday BUT temperatures will be too warm for snow.