Check our Interactive 7-day for your travel forecasts

Are you leaving town this week or weekend and would like to know the 7-day forecast for that area? Check out our interactive 7-day forecast, which has the latest forecast updated every day. For instance, here's the forecast for Chicago, IL for the next 7 days:

Interactive Forecast for Chicago, IL

So I am guessing not every place you will be traveling will be as cold as this, but you get the point as to what this tool can help you with! I'm actually heading to South Carolina this Saturday, where the forecast calls for sunny skies and highs around 60 degrees.

San Francisco{ }{ }|{ } New York City{ }{ }|{ } Los Angeles{ } |{ } Dallas{ } |{ } Miami

What makes it interactive is that you can scroll your mouse over each day and it will give you even more information such as sunrise and sunset, wind, humidity, dew point, and the important chance of precipitation. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We wish all of you safe travels and a wonderful holiday.