Brian's Movember Finale

A great man once said, "I look like a fool with a mustache, and I sure don't mind looking like a fool on TV for a great cause. After all, it's Movember." That great man was my good buddy Adam Caskey who championed the whole ABC7/NewsChannel8 Movember movement and what a success we have seen. In the end we learned it was a lot easier to raise money then grow a mustache! I'll admit I have become used to the stares and questions and will miss some of that. While my stache has bid adieu my colleagues Adam Caskey, Alex Liggitt and Ryan Miller will keep the movement alive for another day or two. I on the other hand have a family Christmas portrait to sit in.

I couldn't have done it without all of the support of the generous donors that took a grass roots effort to a place in the top 2 to 3 % of the country in terms of earning. For that I am grateful. I too want to thank my co-anchors for putting up with all of the mustache talk throughout the month - you were true team players. Finally, the wonderful ladies of The Men's Grooming Lounge who removed my month long journey in a mere few razor swipes. You were great Ann and Brittni.

Until next Movember....