Breathtaking wave photography and World Ocean Day

Clark Little Photography was kind enough to let me feature some of his artwork in a gallery above. The idea to feature his work came to me as I remember my cousin receiving his book for Christmas a few years ago. My cousin, who is huge into bodyboarding in Austrailia, also loves photography and would love to eventually run a surf photography business, so I knew Clark Little must{ }make some great works of art. The best part of making this gallery was finding out it cooresponded with World Ocean Day which is today.

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Here's a little video showing how Clark takes his photos. This isn't really something you're likely to see while strolling the beaches on the east coast...just saying.{ } The beaches from Atlantic City to the Outer Banks, this weekend,{ }will be just a little more tame. { }

Oddly enough, Clark was a surfer who when his wife told him she wanted some ocean photography for the house, he said he thought he could do it himself. Good call on that one. Here he is a few years later on Good Morning America displaying his work and his camera.

Clark has won a few awards for his work, including the{ }2011 (May) - Highly Honored Photographer: Endangered Species Award which was presented at the Smithsonian Museum here in D.C.{ }He won the award for taking the photograph below of the Hawaiian Green "Honu" Sea Turtle.

World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day just happens to be on Friday and there just happens to be 8 different events that you can attend in the area. One event is right down the street from D.C. over in Anacostia where you can help clean up Anacostia Park. Remember, everything that gets into the Anacostia River can eventually make it to the ocean. If you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can also show your support by heading over to the Smithsonian Museum or the National Museum of Natural History{ }for other{ }special events.