Believe it or not: DC has its fairshare of some harsh snowstorms in March

Snow storms in March (although may seem like a rarity based on recent memory of Winter's in the Washington D.C. region) do happen. I remember being out of school for at least 2 weeks in Winchester, VA with the Blizzard of 1993 that happened on March 13th. DC only received 6.6" of snow with storm coined "The Superstorm." Locations west of DC, (Dulles saw 14.0" of snow, while a foot to a foot and a half of snow was measured along the foothills to the Blue Ridge).

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There was also a more recent March, 9th 1999 that snow event that dropped 8.4" on the DC area.

However, since 1999 we have only had 8.7" of snow (most of that number is attributed to 5.5" DC saw on March 1st and 2nd of 2009).
With that being said, DC has had their share of snowstorms in March. Here are the major ones:

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3/27/1891 - 12.0"

3/28/1942 - 11.5" (Palm Sunday Snowstorm)3/7/1941 - 10.7"3/15/1900 - 10.0"3/3/1909 - 9.8"3/9/1999 - 8.4"3/14/1937 - 8.0"3/2/1960 - 7.9"3/7/1911 - 7.4"3/13/1993 - 6.6"

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Looks like there is a chance to to add to this list by the time we get into early Thursday morning: