Beach Forecast: From Atlantic City To The Outer Banks

A weekend heat wave with possible record breaking temperatures!{ } So what can you do to stay cool?{ } Well, the beach and bay are always an option.{ } This weekend the beaches and bay will be{ }quite hot and water temperatures will be rather refreshing.{ } Also, mainly sunny skies are expected.

Along the Delaware Bay and Northern Atlantic beaches, highs will be in the low 90s!{ } Water temperatures are in the low 70s, so with that heat, I'm sure many people will be cooling off in the water.{ } Water temperatures are a bit warmer near Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks with air temperatures at the Southern beaches into the mid 90s.{ }

Saturday and Sunday Atlantic Beach Forecast

So are you thinking of heading to the Chesapeake bay waters?{ } Well, again, temperatures will once again be sizzling!{ } Highs climbing into the mid to upper 90s with a light West wind.{ }

Although a general ridge of high pressure will deliver us a good bit of sunshine, thunderstorms aren't out of the question with the heating of the day and instability.{ } Keep an eye to the sky during the afternoons, but also some storms may develop late in the evening and with the warm nights could last for quite a few hours.{ } The StormWatch7 weather team will follow storm developments and have all the updates on our homepage.

Saturday and Sunday Chesapeake Bay Forecast

Overall, stay cool and hydrated if you plan to be outdoors.{ } Have a great weekend!