Beach forecast for this weekend - June 11-12

Here's a look at the beaches this weekend. For all other information regarding the beaches, check the Delmarva Beach Resource Guide for more information.

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Saturday, June 11

Partly Cloudy, Warm, Isolated PM Storm (20%)

Highs:{ }Low 80s

The start of the weekend at the beaches will feature partly cloudy skies and the chance for an isolated afternoon thunderstorm.{ }The majority of the action should hold off until the overnight hours. Highs should reach the lower 80s.{ }This is in association with an area of low pressure and frontal system moving through the Midwest.

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Sunday, June 12

Mostly Cloudy,{ }Scattered Thunderstorms{ }(50%)

Highs: Around 80

The cold front should progress over the Delmarva Beaches on Sunday, bringing with it the chance for showers and storms throughout the day. Highs will be a touch cooler around the 80 degree mark under otherwise mostly cloudy skies.{ }If you want to hit the beaches this weekend Saturday would definitely be your best bet.

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