Average hottest days in D.C. in the rearview, daylight diminishes

With temperatures forecast to be in the low to mid 90s, one wouldn't think the average hottest days are behind us, but the average high drops to 88 today. Don't worry, cold air isn't exactly going to march right into the D.C. area, as the average high temperature remains in the mid to upper 80s through the month of August. August also averages nearly 10 90-degree days, something we haven't seen too much of this year.

90 degree days in D.C.

In fact, D.C. is actually below average for 90-degree days so far this summer, with only 15 this year. Compare that to last year, which recorded 21 by the same time. Typically there are around 36 90-degree days per year in the D.C. area, so it appears this summer may go down as below average in that category. Ninety-degree days or not, this summer has still been above average, with temperature departures of +2°F in June and +0.5°F so far in July. We'll see how August fares.

Looking ahead, the heat will briefly subside Thursday and Friday but will return for the weekend. Highs should top out in the 90s both Saturday and Sunday, prior to a big-time cool down next Tuesday through the end of the month. Highs may only reach the 80-degree mark next Tuesday!

Duration of daylight for D.C.

Daylight continues to diminish since the summer Solstice, with 28 minutes gone in just a month's time. An additional 14 minutes of daylight will be lost by the end of the month, and over an hour more will be lost by the end of August, so enjoy it while it's here.

While this may be a depressing blog post for some, after summer, there's always cooler and crisp days, fall colors, the Nats playing in October, the Skins taking the field, and plenty of other great things to look forward to. Here's to a fantastic last 39 days of meteorological summer to go!