Area homes flood with water and sewage

(WJLA) - The damage left behind from Wednesday's line of severe storms is widespread.

In Chillum, Maryland it's the basement of homes that took the biggest brunt.

In one Chillum home, the water line is still visible on the door, and several feet of muddy water is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Many families are left cleaning up an awful mess in the dark and moving out waterlogged furniture, with no power to run sump pumps and only brooms and gutter hoses at their reach.

"The water was up to here," said resident Emmanuel Leveille, indicating his upper chest. "And I'm 5'9"."

Emmanuel Leveille had just enough time in the middle of the night to get his mother out of the basement where she sleeps, before it was swallowed up.

The storm water reached so high in some cases that the ceilings are wet.

Several houses had to be evacuated in this area, as the storm was just too much for the creek and foundations of the homes.

Police are still keeping an eye on the water that jumped its banks while water crews check for leaks, and properties without power are getting help from neighbors, with power cords literally being running across roads.

Elsewhere, in Northeast D.C., families today are dealing with sewer water backing up in their homes.

D.C. Water admits there has been a problem out here for some time.

"This is a hazardous situation," said resident Geoff Fettus. "[I'm going to have to] rip up all the paneling and flooring and see if anything can be salvaged [in my home].

During the height of the torrential downpours, city officials claim the sewer lines backed up because overgrown tree roots broke into and clogged pipes.

"Sewage was just gushing, coming up, overflowing," said resident Phillip Blair. "We all know this city has a real problem with handling sewage."