Are you more prone to mosquito bites?

I always thought the reason I got so many mosquito bites during the summer was because I was so sweet -- hey, that's what my mom told me!{ } Apparently, it's a bit more scientific than that.{ }

A new study suggests 20% of people are more "delicious" to mosquitoes.{ } Mosquitoes are lured by sight and smell, says Jonathan Day, a professor of medical entomology at the University of Florida in Vero Beach.{ } So what are the sights and smells these pesky bugs thrive off of?{ }Well, believe it or not, one of the{ }triggers is blood type.{ } 85% of people secrete a chemical signal that indicates what blood type they have.{ } In a controlled setting, mosquitoes tended to land on people with Type O blood nearly twice as often as those with Type A blood.{ }{ } The reason mosquitoes bite us is because they harvest protein from our blood.{ }{ }

Another factor has to do with the amount of carbon dioxide we emitt from our breath.{ } People that exhale more gas have been shown to attract more mosquitoes.{ } That is one reason why adults get bit more than children.{ }

There are many other elements that play into your "mosquito attractiveness factor" such as excercise, metabolism, and genetics.{ }{ }{ }Bugs tend to gravitate towards people who relase certain substances expelled from sweat; as well as those with a higher body temperature.{ }

And whether you like it or not, beer can also "up" a mosquito's tendency to bite you.{ } The ethanol your body releases in your sweat can attract the biting bugs.{ }

Read the full list of mosquito bite factors from Smithsonian magazine.{ }