Arctic blast chills D.C. metro

Photo: Chris Staley via Creative Commons

With an arctic blast chilling the D.C. metro, many say they’re thankful Mother Nature is waited until after the inauguration to usher in a steep drop in temperatures.

Hand warmers, gloves and earmuffs were on full display as inauguration-goers made their way to the National Mall Monday. Many came overly prepared after braving brutally cold weather four years ago, but the weather is expected to change overnight and we’re expected to feel the coldest temperatures we’ve felt in two years.

Homeless shelters are already packed across the D.C. region. Alexandria’s Carpenter's Shelter is offering a warm, safe place for those seeking shelter from the cold.

In Arlington, kids like Kyle Demarca are hitting the ice skating rink and looking forward to what’s to come.

“I love the weather,” says Demarca. “You can drink hot chocolate and build a snowman.”

And when the weather gets cold outside, the focus turns to keeping things warm inside.

"We just see a lot of service calls by improper maintenance," says Ben Rice.

Donald Wills of Donmar Heating and Cooling says something as simple and cheap as replacing a filter can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and labor costs. The same is true for clearing the air flow area near your furnace to keep it from getting clogged.

"Usually takes three cold days for furnaces to work a lot so if they have worn components that's when problems will show up," says Rice.

While we’re not expecting a big snowfall this time around, forecasters say to{ } expect some possible flurries.