Arctic airmass settles Into D.C.

      Hope you have your heaviest winter coats, gloves, scarves, and hats ready: beginning tomorrow, you'll likely need it.{} A big dip in the jet stream will allow an arctic air mass to settle in.{} Check out Monday morning temperatures in central Canada.

      That cold air mass will slide south overnight Monday and will greet us Tuesday. Temperatures will moderate a bit, so we are not expecting sub-freezing temperatures; however, highs will only be in the upper 30s to lower 40s and overnight lows will tumble into the 20s.{}

      Factor in brisk northerly winds, and it will feel even colder!{}

      Along with the cold air also comes the chance for a little precipitation as the cold front slides through.{} This WILL NOT be a big snow-maker in the nation's capital, but a few wet flakes are not out of the question.{}

      Overnight Monday and early Tuesday, the front may squeeze out a little precipitation that could fall as cold rain or even wet snow.{} Precipitation totals will be minimal to even non-existent, so no accumulation is expected.{} Also keep in mind how warm ground temperatures are.

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      This further emphasizes the point the StormWatch weather team made last week regarding the chatter about a big snowstorm.{} Early last week, computer guidance suggested a coastal low would develop to produce high snow accumulations in our area.{}

      It's important to recognize how the long range forecasts can change over a span of a few days.

      Until then, bundle up and brace yourself for this cold blast!{} In fact, Reagan National will likely see it's first day this season of at or below freezing temperatures.{}

      Check out the forecast lows for Wednesday morning. I'm cold just looking at these numbers!{} It will feel even colder than this with brisk northerly winds.{}