And The Bronze Medal For Warmest Winter Goes To...

With all the mild days we've had this winter,{ }we've been discussing the possibility of breaking winter temperature records.{ }Now meteorological winter is over and the results are in.{ } This winter will go on record as the 3rd warmest.

Winter in D.C. averages 38°.{ } This year winter ended with an average of 43.4°, beating 2002's average of 43.2° (just barely!).{ } So,{ }were we anywhere close{ }to getting the silver or gold medal?{ } Not really.{ } The second warmest winter in D.C. was back in 1890 with an average temperature of 44.3°.{ } The all time warmest winter on record was set back in 1932 with an average of 44.6°.

{ }

{ }Here are a few{ }highlights from this winter:

- 70 days, out all 91 days this winter, were above average.{ } That's about 75%!-{ }Out of these 91 winter days, 18 were 60° or higher.{ } - The highest temperature this winter was set on Feb. 1st with a high of 72°.{ }- The highest temperature in January was 68° (Jan. 7th) and in December the highest temperature was 63° (Dec. 15th).- The lowest temperature recorded all winter was 17° (Jan. 4th).

{ }

{ }So, if you were wondering, after all of those mild winter days, if we would break any records, well you can now tell your friends that this was, indeed, a record breaking winter. D.C. has taken over the bronze medal! Now let's see what spring and summer bring.