An interesting look at the Dallas area tornado damage (Video)

A company has created News Drones which are basically remote control helicopters with a GoPro HD camera attached to it. They used them after some significant events such as the Tuscaloosa tornado last April as well as Hurricane Irene and some wildfires in Texas. Remember the Forney tornado in Texas on April 3rd? This was rated an EF-3 tornado with winds up to 150 mph and a path of 8 miles. Here's a video of the tornado:

Here's a video of the damage shown by the News Drone:

This seems like an easier way to get aerial video instead of putting up a helicopter, though the range is limited to your current location. The drone was made by the same team that made the "Dominator" tornado intercept video that is used by the TVN chase team. I talked briefly with Reed Timmer and he said his plan was to eventually use dispensible drones{ }and attach meteorological sensors, gps tracking and a camera to fly into tornadoes for data collection. That is something I would like to see!