Air delays, cancellations frustrate travelers

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - The Arrivals board at Reagan National is a sea of red, full of bold announcements of delays.

One traveler tells us that according to American Airlines, this is all due to the bad weather. And these hours of delays has left those like Leelah Taylor of Raleigh seeing red.

" Yes, I was heated," she says.

It’s been a full 48 hours since the first snow storm of 2014, but the ripple effect has been more like a tidal wave. Flight delays continue to mount seemingly higher than the snow drifts left behind.

"We landed at like 12:30, and they delayed to 3:30, and then 5:30, and then canceled it," explains Courtnie Williamson of Philadelphia.

Williamson and her dad, Rich, have been trying to get to Massachusetts since lunchtime. But by dinner, they were feeling more than hunger pangs. They are outraged at U.S. Airways because they never received any sort of email or phone call notifying them that their flight was canceled altogether.

And this canceled flight means more money has to come out of Rich’s pocket.

"I just got a rental car reservation…Hop in the car and drive seven hours to Massachusetts," he says.

Another issue at hand? Hundreds of delays passengers have managed to land, but without their luggage:

"The conveyor belts weren't working -- in Miami, you have to imagine this entire terminal full of just bags and people going around them. They had buses outside taking the bags to the airplanes," said Deborah Rodney, whose bag made it to United's carousel -- sort of.

"My luggage was totally destroyed," she says. "Pulled apart…everything on the carousel was scattered."

The Silver Spring resident says it’s adding insult to injury, after being canceled out of Trinidad and re-routed to New York.

"We had to sleep in the airport last night…we slept there waiting until 8:40 this morning,” she says.

But the flight to Reagan was also cancelled. So how did they get here? Amtrak and Metro, which Rodney says is unacceptable:

"The airlines are not sitting up a contingency plan. You know its going to snow."