After a record warm winter, are we in for a hotter than average summer?

      Winter 2011-2012,{}in D.C.,{}ranked the third warmest with an average high of 43.4.{} With all of the "warmer than average temperature" talk I've been hearing, I thought it would be neat to look back at past record breaking warm winters to see if there is a correlation between above average winters and above average summers.{}

      We all remember 2010{}and 2011's scorching temperatures.{} The average summer high, for both years,{}was roughly 81, about 3 above average.{} But looking back at both 2010 and 2011's winters, they were both about 2 to 3 below average.

      Here's a list of{}the top{}10 warmest winters in D.C.{}{}{}I've also added the following summer's{}averages and how far above or below those temperatures deviated from average.

      {}From this list, you can see there is nothing that really stands out.{} Out of the ten warmest winters, about half of the summers after were above average and the other half below average for summer temperatures.{}

      Here's another list of the top ten warmest summers.{}I've also included the winter averages for those years.{}

      {}Again, no real correlation, as the 10 warmest summers had a mix of above average and below average winters.{} So if you're wondering what kind of a winter we can expect, it looks like past climate data isn't really steering us in any particular direction.{}