A Wintry Weekend

Overnight: Cloudy Rain Showers ending as light wet snow before dawn

Lows: 31-36 | Precipitation: 80% chance overnight

Saturday: Cloudy becoming windy and cold with passing snow showers and{ }snow squalls 1-7PM

Temperatures: 40 to low 30s by evening | Snow: 1-2" in areas with snow squalls

Sunday: Partly Cloudy but windy and quite cold

Highs: 28-33 | Wind Chill: 10-20 degrees

The strong cold front is now into Ohio.{ } The timing of this front will bring very cold arctic{ } across the DC area tomorrow afternoon, now I think 2-7PM.{ } Before the front arrives we will have some rain showers or a mix or light rain and snow but with the front we are likely to see snow squalls and reduced visibility and local heavy snow for an hour or more.{ } Where these squalls do hit, a quick 1-2" snow is possible late Saturday afternoon and very slippery driving will happen very rapidly.{ } Be careful and be alert to local heavy snow squalls Saturday afternoon.{ } By Sunday morning temperatures will be in the teens and wind chills near 10.{ } Sunday a rare very cold day for this winter.{ } Milder air right back by the middle of the coming week