A threat of rain but the promise of lower temperatures for the weekend

This Afternoon:{ }Mostly Cloudy, Showers Possible

Highs: 82-85 | Precipitation: 40%

Tonight: Showers & Thunderstorms

Lows: 64-73 | Wind: S 5-10

Sunday: Periods of Heavy Rain Possible

Highs: 79-83 | Precipitation: 90%

The possibility of showers and heavy downpours this weekend, while a complication for outdoor plans, will help to reverse this season's{ }very hot and very dry pattern.{ } As measured at Reagan National, the rainfall deficit for the year is now over 5 inches with these past three summer months all being disappointments in reducing that number.{ } And while the number of 90 degree plus days continues to climb - the 46th such day was recorded yesterday - a different, but equally revealing statistic on the summer's heat is the fact that only 7 days this entire summer have been below the seasonal average.{ } In June, there were just four - on the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 20th; in July, just three - on the 14th, 15th, and 16th; and this month, there have been none.{ } The prospect of rain and the attendant cooler temperatures could{ }yet add some below average days to our August tally, starting with today.{ } With a fair amount of cloudiness, highs today should be in the low to mid{ }80s; that milder trend should continue through much of next week.

Look for some scattered showers today, the possiblily of{ }heavier showers tonight and tomorow, and perhaps some more rain on Monday.{ }{ }But the return of high pressure on Tuesday will{ }bring lower humidity, sunnier skies, and more pleasant days for the bulk of the week.{ } With the dip in temperatures, the shortening of the days, and{ }a slight decrease in the intensity of the sun's rays,{ }signs that September is not that far away are all around us!{ } Enjoy your weekend.