A Sunny Easter Weekend

Overnight: Clear, Cold, and Bright

Lows: 31-37 by morning | Wind: N 5-10

Saturday: Sunny Chilly Morning and Pleasant Afternoon

Highs: 58-63 | Wind: NW 10-15

Sunday: Chilly Early Sunshine and some afternoon high clouds

Temperatures: 39 Sunrise 65 by Afternoon | Wind: NW 10-15

Cool dry air continues to come in on northerly winds.{ } Great blue skies and excellent visibility but after sunset the temperatures will really tumble.{ } A Freeze Warning is out for areas west and north of DC.{ } Northern Maryland will see temperatures into the high 20s by dawn.{ } It's still a general dry pattern into next week.{ } Easter Sunday will be sunny but chilly for the Sunrise Services at 6:41AM.{ } No sign of storms or any soaking rains which we could use as dryness grows and the fire danger increases.{ } Rain deficit since January 1 now close to 4".{ } Enjoy the weekend and let's hope this pattern changes and we get some needed rain soon.