A soggy, but somewhat cooler weekend

This Afternoon: Scattered Showers, Cooler

Highs: 64-69 | Rain: 90%, 0.25-0.5"

Tonight: Showers Likely

Lows: 50-57 | Rain: 80%

Sunday: Cloudy, Showers Possible

Highs: 66-70 | Rain: 60%

After the hottest day of the year{ }- it reached 83 on Friday at Reagan National{ }- temperatures will be cooler as a wet weekend looms.{ } Low pressure from the Ohio Valley{ }has spread{ }eastward, bringing{ }mostly light{ }rain and thunderstorms to the midatlantic.{ } The large system{ }is accompanied by easterly winds and high dew points, making{ }for a{ }somewhat uncomfortable day.{ } A{ }few breaks in the cloud cover could raise both temperatures and atmospheric instability, meaning thunderstorms could occur this afternoon.{ } Anywhere from one-quarter to one-half inch of rain{ }is possible; with the rainfall deficit for the year now close to 3 inches, any amount of rain would be helpful.{ } Sunday looks to be the drier of the weekend days, but will again feature the{ }possibility of showers and storms before skies begin to clear on Sunday night.{ } The early part of next week will finally see the return of cooler, drier air with highs on Tuesday only in the upper 50s and nighttime lows in the upper 30s.{ }

NOTE: As warm as it has been, gardeners should still use caution since the average date for the last frost of the season in DC{ }can vary from April 10th to the 23rd.{ } Stay dry and enjoy your weekend!