A feel of spring in the air

Today: Partly to mostly sunny and warmer.

Highs: Around 60° | Wind: SW 5-10

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy and continued pleasant

Highs:{ }Mid 50s{ }| Wind: West 5-10

Sunday: Partly cloudy and a bit cooler

Highs: Upper 40s | Wind: W 5-10

Today's record high temperature is 73 degrees. That record is not in jeopardy. It looks like we will have to settle for highs around 60 to the lower 60s today...on January 6th. The unseasonably mild weather will continue tomorrow with highs in the middle 50s. A cold front will cross the area tomorrow evening but there is really no cold air behind it, just an air mass that is a bit cooler. On Sunday afternoon, temperatures will reach the upper 40s. Remember our average high temperatures this time of year are in the lower 40s. There is a slight chance for precipitation early Monday but the better chances will hold off until Wednesday and Thursday of next week when a more substantial storm system moves this way.Temperatures will stay above average so we are forecasting rain.