A cool start, but a warm finish to a short weekend

This Afternoon: Mostly Sunny, Breezy, Cool

Highs: 47-53 | Wind: NW 10-15

Tonight: Clear & Chilly

Lows: 31-36 | Wind: Light S

Sunday: Sunny & Warmer

Highs: 62-66 | Wind: SW 5-10

We're getting mixed seasonal signals this weekend.{ } Today is quite chilly and windy with temperatures earlier only{ }in the low 30s.{ }And although there is abundant sunshine and the winds will gradually subside{ }this afternoon, highs will{ }struggle{ }to reach the{ }upper 40s{ }and thus it will feel quite wintry.{ }

But after the winds shift to the south in the overnight hours, Sunday will tip the scales in Spring's favor with highs{ }soaring to the lower 60s.{ }{ }A high pressure system{ }expected to linger{ }in the western{ }Atlantic will set up a southerly flow that will kick the season up yet another notch as{ }summer-like days will arrive by midweek: highs on Thursday could reach 80.{ } Showers are possible late Monday and again on Friday, but this coming week - while still officially "winter"{ } - will be largely warm and dry.

NOTE: Remember to Spring Forward tonight before going to bed.{ } Turn your clocks ahead one hour as we start Daylight Saving Time.{ } The sun will then rise tomorrow at 7:25 AM and set tomorrow night at 7:12 PM.{ } Enjoy what promises to be a{ }mostly pleasant, if somewhat shorter than normal, weekend!{ }