A cool pattern

      Overnight:{} Mostly Clear and Chilly

      Lows: 37-43 | Wind: N 10 mph

      Friday: Sunny and Cool, Some afternoon cloudiness and Breezy

      Highs: 55-60 | Wind: N-NE 10-20

      This Weekend: Sunny, Milder but chilly Easter morning

      Temperatures: 63 Sat. 41 Easter AM, 68 Sunday PM | Precipitation: Near 0% Chance

      Some cool northerly winds are bringing in chilly air for tonight and Friday.{} A Freeze Warning well to the west and north of DC again tonight.{} General dry pattern into the Easter weekend but it will be chilly also for Easter Sunday sunrise services.{} We've only had 3 days this year with 1/2" of rain or more so things are getting dry.{} But no sign of any big storm in the future and only a chance of some showers by late next Monday or Tuesday.