A beer-can tree grows in Foggy Bottom (PHOTOS)

Ho ho hurl! Turns out people near George Washington University like to celebrate Christmas in a less-filling style. I spotted this can-festooned tree outside a rowhouse on 25 St. NW on Monday evening. It's going to be a special Christmas in Foggy Bottom, for sure.

Extra-special, in fact, judging from the choice of beer ornament. This here is a delightful winter brew called Natty Daddy, a Four Loko knockoff from the makers of Natural Light that is "pretty decent (COUGH)," according to one Deicide fan on YouTube. Beer Advocate tasting notes: "Harsh astringency, mealy apples, perceptible alcohol. Cereal grain, wet paper, sweet envelope glue, palate-deadening alcohol... tongue is numbing down after a few swigs." The alcohol content is 8 percent so you know this tree was strung in the most festive of moods:

In other news, here's a can of Natty Light that took a 2.5 hour journey into space: