7 days in a row above 90° - when will we catch a break?

Last Wednesday (7/17) was the hottest day so far this year at DCA with a high of 97°, and the coolest high in 7 days was 93°.{ } It's July in D.C., so it's supposed to be hot as the average high at DCA stands at 89°, and that's close to where we'll be today and Tuesday.{ } However, it looks like cooler temperatures and a break from the humidity is on the way.

This time of year in Washington, any big{ }break from the heat and humidity is usually brief, and this next break should follow that convention.{ } Also, I want to point out that I chat about this comfortable shift in our weather with a degree of skepticism because experience shows that July cold fronts often stall overhead or before they{ } even make it to D.C. proving model guidance wrong.

Though as it stands now, a cold front should travel here from the Upper Midwest and pass through Washington on Wednesday, so the effects will mostly be felt by Thursday and Friday.{ } Highs in the mid 80s are expected for Thursday and Friday, but even lower 80s are a possibility on Thursday.{ } Dewpoints should also drop from the muggy lower 70s into the comfortable 50s/near 60°.{ }

Cooler & less humid air on the way

{ }