20th anniversary of the 1993 Storm of the Century

Today is the 20th anniversary of the 1993 "Storm of the Century" which came through the D.C. area on March 13, bringing with it a fair amount of snow and gusty winds.

While it wasn't the worst snow storm the D.C. area has ever seen, it's massive size and widespread damage it left in its wake through the remainder of the country made for its legendary status in weather history.

The low rapidly deepened in the Gulf of Mexico on the 12th, causing a 12-foot storm surge on the western coast of Florida in Taylor County. More than 100 boats called in to the Coast Guard with distress signals and 11 tornadoes were spawned in Florida. Thunderstorms formed along a line which extended south all the way to Cuba where damaging winds were also recorded.

At the same time, heavy snow was falling in Alabama in the Deep South and eventually spread to northeast. Twenty states recorded snowfall totals of 10 inches or more, which extended from Alabama all the way to Maine.{ }Mount LeConte, Tenn. recorded 60 inches of snow and Mount Mitchell, N.C. recorded 50 inches of snow with 14 foot drifts!

Find out more about reported snowfall totals, highest wind gusts and storm related deaths below.

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