2 to 4 feet of hail collected in Potter County, Texas (Video)

The pictures from the hail storm yesterday in northern Potter County, Texas were unbelieveable. Literally, I didn't really buy it at first. Then I noticed that the picture I was looking at was from the National Weather Service office in Amarillo, Texas and started to think how that could even happen. Well thanks to Mid Atlantic Weather on Facebook I can tell you that it was from flash flooding which carried the hail to its resting spots. First, check out the picture:

Hail in northern Potter County, Texas

Here is another picture of the highways from the Texas Department of Transportation. Not the best quality but you get the idea. Vehicles were getting stuck in the multiple feet of collected hail.

DOT Camera Image

Amazing huh? I didn't really believe it either until I saw this video. You can clearly make out the flash flooding which caused this hail to accumulate. Wow.

This{ }video shot by a news team out in the Amarillo Area where it was first reported. Here's another video below from the Texas Department of Transportation attempting to clear the hail out of the roads. We thought snow was bad!