16 tornadoes reported in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wisconsin Thursday

Another day of strong storms are socking the Midwest.

Eight states are under flood watches and warnings as the severe weather threats stretch from Michigan to Indiana, Chicago and down to Arkansas.

Hail and even more tornadoes are predicted for battered Oklahoma.

The last week has been most active of the season, with 1,000 severe weather reports in just seven days including 16 tornadoes reported Thursday in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Wisconsin.

Everything down, trees down, front yard, back yard, didn't realize half the barn was missing,” says storm victim Brad Wurth.

At least three people are dead and several more are hurt by the fierce storms, including about a dozen in Arkansas.

In the small town of Oden, businesses were damaged and two homes were destroyed.

Elsewhere, nearly a foot of rain has fallen in the parts of the Midwest.
People in Iowa are filling sand bags fearing flooding as more rain is expected.

“I've been out here for an hour now and I plan to stay out here until we can't sand bag no more,” says volunteer Chris Cornell.