Winter Weather: American Airlines, American Eagle cancel 1,000 flights

DALLAS (AP/WJLA) - American Airlines and American Eagle have canceled nearly 1,000 flights because of a severe ice storm in the Dallas area.

American spokeswoman Mary Frances Fagan says all of the cancellations Friday are because of the bad weather in the Dallas area. American's main hub is Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. American and American Eagle operate about 3,500 flights daily worldwide.

On Friday, Charlie Kilmain's flight from Reagan National had already been canceled several times because of the weather.{ }

"I was scheduled to go out at 11, then I was scheduled to go out at 3. Then they scheduled me to go out at 4, so I got here, but I found out that was actually 4 o'clock tomorrow," he says.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines canceled nearly 90 flights Friday.