Washington Navy Yard shooting: Traffic updates

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - After police ordered inbound 295 to 695, the local 11th Street Bridge, and adjoining ramps closed, massive traffic tie-ups ensued for morning travelers trying to get into the District. Transportation officials say that 295-inbound will easily bottleneck for the drive home as well, as they are taking all precautions necessary to secure the city.

At approximately 4:23 p.m., MPD Chief Cathy Lanier announced that 295, 395, and 695 were now open, and commuters should avoid the area around Nats Park for the drive home. Roads across M St. are also closed.

A scan of the horizon exposed a city under siege. FBI agents coordinated with tactical units and bomb-sniffing canines searching for suspicious but eventually unfounded activity; even helicopters parked on the local 11th St. Bridge were ready to respond.

For Monica Thompson, today’s slow commute may have saved the life of a dear friend.

"Had she been on time, she would have been on the floor when the shooting happened," she says.

Thompson says that her friend heard about the shooting before arriving at Navy Yard, turned around, and promptly went home

"And she said for some reason God kept her home this morning, because the shooting happened on the floor where she works ...And one of her co-workers who sits 25 feet from her got shot and killed in the head," says Monica.

The people of the District know how to brace for the impact of unspeakable violence in light of 9/11 and the sniper attacks. But that doesn’t make this day any easier.