Veterans Day Metro schedule causes delays for commuters

With Veterans Day falling on a Sunday, many people had Monday off in recognition of the holiday. But some in the D.C.-area did not. And with Metro working on a weekend schedule, it made for a very crowded commute.

Monday, trains were packed to capacity and passengers stood shoulder-to-shoulder on Metro platforms.

"It was a complete disaster on the Red line today," one commuter lamented.

"It was terrible...," added another.

Red line riders experienced trips that took them twice as long as it normally does. For some, that meant a commute that took two hours.

"The platforms were completely filled to the point of being dangerous. I had my 4-year-old daughter with me after missing the second train because two people would get off and 50 people would try to get on. I finally had to leave the station itself," said Metro rider Patrick Venzke.

Not only was Metro operating on a Saturday schedule, it was also conducting track maintenance that it needs a three-day weekend to complete.

Despite the complaints, a spokesperson for Metro said "service ran as scheduled..."

Some commuters think the system caters too much to the federal government and should have more service on a holiday not observed by many in the private sector.

Commuter Ann Marie Walko added, "...on a day like today, almost nobody in Corporate America has today off. We're all at work. It's just the government that has off."