TSA: Do you love it or hate it?

It's been almost 10 years since the creation of the Transportation Safety Administration and the resulting long security lines in airports.

Travelers are viewing the screening process as a necessary evil.

A nationwide survey conducted by the U.S Travel Association found while passengers welcome the checkpoints and are overall favorable of the job TSA is doing, they still have frustrations with the security process.

Unfriendly TSA agents is one of the top five frustrations among those surveyed.

Those surveyed also feel it takes way too long to get through the checkpoints.

But they like the idea of a trusted traveler program. TSA is testing out what it calls pre-check.

Most travelers do believe the TSA is on the right track and are willing to wait in the expected long lines during the busy holiday travel season, which starts next week.

The TSA says it’s going to continue to work to streamline the security process.

And the future change travelers like the most is the fact they soon won't have to take off their shoes when going through security checkpoints.