Travelers want movie theaters in airports, survey says

49 percent of those polled want a movie theater in their dream airport. Photo: Associated Press

Between packing, layovers, the prospect of delays and screaming children, air travel is a stressful proposition. According to a recent poll, many travelers believe it would be a lot better if they could kick back and watch a movie.

At the airport, of course.

A recent poll of 10,000 travelers by, a global travel website, indicates that movie theaters are the most sought-after amenity that is desired in airports.

49 percent of people polled say that having a cinema or movie theater inside the airport would be the best facility inside their "dream airport."

The rest of the top five desired amenities included sleep pods, a library, a park and a vanity area. Just 15 percent of respondants preferred a gym, while even fewer - just 5 percent - said they'd rock out at a karaoke bar.