Traffic troubles expected with start of the school year

D.C. area drives will face traffic delays averaging 25.8 minutes per day, AAA says.

If you're commute has been easier than normal lately, get ready -- because it's all about to end.

AAA dubs the Tuesday after Labor Day "Terrible Traffic Tuesday." It marks the end of summer's lighter than normal traffic thanks, in part, to students heading back to class.

Even though many districts in our area have already gone back to school, by Tuesday all of them will be back. Public schools in Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William and Alexandria all start class September 3.

AAA says starting Tuesday, DC area commuters will go from dealing with a summertime average of 20.4 minutes of traffic delays per day to 25.8 minutes.

"The first day of school is usually kind of a shock," parent Sahr Mbayo said while watching his two elementary school age kids at an Arlington park Monday.

AAA says overall, traffic will be up 26 percent in September compared with July and August.

Still, some parents say it's worth it, because both they and their kids are ready to go back to school.

"My commute has been pretty easy. It will get a little bit worse, but the trade-offs are worth it," said Arlington parent Vivek Puri.