Tour bus parking in East Potomac Park to change

The National Park Service and the U.S. Park Police are beginning to eliminate tour-bus parking in East Potomac Park.

The tour bus parking is being eliminated due to safety concerns, for example low visibility on narrow roads, safety for bicyclists, pedestrians and other park visitors as well as impacts on general traffic flow.

When completed by mid-to-late June, there will be no tour bus parking in East Potomac Park, except at the designated tour bus parking lot. The location is also referred to as Hains Point. The new parking lot will be at the southern-most end of Hains Point.

A map and list of these parking locations on NPS property and throughout Washington, D.C. will be available on the National Mall and Memorial Parks website.

Tour bus drivers will be notified of the change for two weeks before police will being enforcing the changed parking location.